Mayor Labeaume to Perform Péladeau-Snyder Wedding

Mayor Labeaume to Perform Péladeau-Snyder Wedding

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 June 2015 – It was announced this past Friday that mayor Labeaume of Québec City will act as magistrate for the marriage between Pierre-Karl Péladeau and his future wife Julie Snyder on August 15, 2015. The couple have been living together for some time and have two children. M. Péladeau is the leader of the opposition party in the Québec National Assembly and is the major share holder of the media giant Québecor. Julie Snyder is a television host and producer.

When asked if this showed some kind of political relationship between the two individuals M. Labeaume denied any political ties with the groom to be. M. Labeaume however was associated with the Parti Québecois in the past and was part of their organizing committee in Québec City. He has also had a strong relationship with M. Péladeau since the construction of the new amphitheatre, signing several deals with the politician/businessman. The Parti Québecois is not a particularly popular party in the Québec City region.

The mayor proclaimed he was just answering the call as the city’s top Magistrate, saying that he would marry any politician who asked and that he has already married other couples of varying political persuasions.

The marriage will take place at the Musée de l’Amerique Francophone in Quebec City on August 15.

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