Mayor Labeaume touring high schools to discuss integration

Mayor Labeaume touring high schools to discuss integration

The Mayor of Québec City, Régis Labeaume, will meet with high school students in the capital to discuss immigration, integration and “living together”.

This step was planned well before the events that took place at the great mosque in Quebec City on January 29th, said the Mayor yesterday. The attack, which occurred at the end of January, will however bring another dimension to the discussions.

“New element”

“There’s going to be something new. We want to know how they experience it, how they see it, how they manage it, and what their perception of multiculturalism is. It’s going to be a very interesting exercise, “he said.

The idea was born after a summit on living peacefully together that took place in Montreal in June 2015. The process comes after a series of meetings held this fall with social workers who work with young people.

Image of the city

Mr. Labeaume will meet between 350 and 400 students during four to five gatherings. The discussions will be facilitated by the Institut du Nouveau Monde, which will then provide a synthesis of all of the thoughts, in order to grasp a better understanding of the image that young people have of their own city.

The conclusions of this consultation tour, which will take place until the end of May, will be unveiled later in a press conference.

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