Mazda Joins Faites de l’air! Program

Mazda Joins Faites de l’air! Program

Quebec, September, 2012 – The Quebec Association that fights against pollution (AQLPA) confirms Mazda’s membership with the recycling program of old vehicles Faites de l’air!. For AQLPA, founder and manager of this program, it is the third big player in the automotive industry to endorse the cause in a little less than a year and a third great brand that will in turn contribute to reducing the pollution emitted by Quebec’s automobile parks.

For André Bélisle, AQLPA President, Mazda’s rapid arrival as a partner eloquently demonstrates that the program is gaining notoriety among auto manufacturers and demonstrates the importance and popularity of the program. “The arrival of Mazda is more than welcome and we are happy to have our allies in the fight against climate change and air pollution. With the support of the largest dealers in the industry, I am more confident than ever that we can reach our goal of removing 55,000 polluting cars from traffic by spring 2013, “says Belisle. 

A Proven Program  

From April 2009 to March 2011, more than 45,000 people have taken advantage of the Faites de l’air! program, supported by the Quebec Government through its Green Fund. In terms of air pollution, this is equivalent to removing 850,000 cars from 2004 and newer models from Quebec roads. The option to use the Faites de l’air! program to get a discount on a more energy efficient vehicle is becoming increasingly popular. 

Since 2003, the Faites de l’air! program offers several incentives to drivers so that they get rid of their old vehicle models (1998 and older). It also has the support of many partners including Quebec’s transport authorities of (AOT) and more than 100 automotive recyclers. 

By joining the Faites de l’air! program, Mazda dealers in Quebec can now offer eligible customers the benefit of discount of up to $1,500. To determine the exact amount of the rebate, a comparison between the old and the new vehicle is done by calculating the reduction in C02 emissions over three years. The less the new car pollutes compared to the former, the more cash back there will be. The new replacement vehicle may be the model of the year, but also a used model (2008 and older). For an overview of the discounts offered in the Faites de l’air! program, just use the calculator on the program website

About AQLPA 

The AQLPA, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, is one of the oldest environmental groups in Quebec. It is actively working to improve the air quality in Quebec. Its main objective is to promote the implementation of concrete solutions adapted to stakeholders’ actual needs, through the acquisition of knowledge, education, and awareness. In 2012, the organization celebrates its 30 years of commitment to protect and improve the quality of the air with programs distributed throughout the year, including shows, conferences, and other activities. 

About Mazda

Since its beginning in 1968, Mazda Canada has strived to advance the automobile industry by creating and recognizing innovation. It is by listening to our customers and taking their concerns into account that we have developed an extraordinary love story. Mazda Canada and its 58 dealers in Quebec are extremely proud to join the old vehicle recycling program, Faites de l’air! This will allow us to bring forth the overall objective of reducing pollution. An initiative that brings us to the heart of our philosophy because we believe that if it is not worth being driven, it is not worth the trouble to be built.

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