Measles vaccination could become mandatory in Quebec

Measles vaccination could become mandatory in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 February 2015 – With the recent outbreaks of measles happening across the country, the Comité d’ethique de santé publique du Québec (Quebec public health ethics committee) is recommending that in order to be able to register your child for school a proof of a measles vaccination would be required.

Right now there is no rule concerning the practice of vaccination for the acceptance of a child into the education system.

The committee would like to see a mandatory requirement, and proof that a child has been vaccinated against measles before being allowed to attend school.

With the previous breakout in 2011, a study showed that 79% of the children in Quebec schools had no proof as to whether they were vaccinated or not, causing a problem for school authorities as to who may be vulnerable to catching the disease.

The committee would also permit certain students to refuse to be vaccinated but, would require those students to fill-out a special form allowing school authorities to be aware of which children may be more susceptible to being affected by the measles virus.

The whole idea is to at least have a record of who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t, in case of a future measles breakout.

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