Média Trois Canons inc.

Média Trois Canons inc.

Média Trois Canons inc. is a publishing company based in Quebec City.

It is owned by:

Andrew Greenfield – President

Andrew Greenfield has lived in Quebec City since 2009, having moved to the region from the United Kingdom.
Andrew is an Anglophone and has fully embraced the challenges of moving to a new country, culture, and the necessity of learning a new language in order to effectively operate in the region.

He has many years of business experience in the UK and Canada, in both the traditional print media and online publishing environments.

Prior to this, he spent 10 years as a criminal investigator for a government agency.

Andrew is an avid reader, is passionate about writing, and is married to a French-Canadian.
Together, they have two children, both of whom attend school in French.
They are being brought up in a bilingual environment, something both he and his wife deem essential.

Andrew’s two other business interests currently include the provision of English courses via his (Emploi-Québec) accredited language school, and overseeing his Quebec City English bookstore.

Farnell Morisset – Vice President

Farnell Morisset has lived bilingually in Quebec City from birth, receiving primary, secondary, and CEGEP education in English before attending Université Laval.  Having obtained a bachelor’s in engineering from Laval, he now works as a business development professional in Quebec City’s growing high-tech industry.

Having seen many of his English-speaking childhood friends leave the area, and realising the significant loss this represents to Quebec City, Morisset realises that a fundamental shift is necessary in how English-speakers value – and are valued in – their city.  His passion for writing is combined with a practical approach to understanding and renewing the position of Quebec’s English-speaking citizens and visitors with regards to the reality of the city’s growing cultural, economic, political, and technological innovation. 

For this, Morisset feels Life in Quebec Magazine and LifeinQuebec.com tap into an unfilled need to explore this reality which, he feels, will only bring more value to the city and region as a whole.

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