Medication mixed with candy in a Québec grocery store

Medication mixed with candy in a Québec grocery store

Quebec City (Quebec) 31 October 2015 – Medicine was mixed with Halloween candy on Friday in a Metro grocery store located at 1050 Larue Avenue.

Around 5:00, a customer lost her child’s medication. These drugs help her son with his bipolar disorder.

For reasons that are unknown, the drugs were found in a bowl of sweets to be distributed to the younger ones. Seven divalproex tablets of 125 mg and 50 mg of quetiapine would have been mistakenly given to children.

“A verification was conducted with the pharmacy and it was concluded that the medication does not pose a threat to the children’s health. However, the kids who did ingest the drugs may show side effects such as tremors, nausea and drowsiness” stated the Ville de Québec police department.

An investigation has been opened by the police.

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