Meet Chef Jacques Le Pluart

Meet Chef Jacques Le Pluart

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Article by Héloïse Leclerc

Photo courtesy of Restaurant La Crémaillère

A real cornerstone of cooking in Quebec, Chef Jacques Le Pluart has worked in some of the best restaurants and trained famed Quebec chefs such as Normand Laprise from the acclaimed restaurant Toqué! While diners are well acquainted with his culinary style, the man himself remains a mystery, though he isn’t short of stories to tell!

Born in Brittany, Jacques Le Pluart wasn’t predestined for a career in the restaurant industry, but a love of good food ran deep in his family. “My dad sailed across all the oceans. While travelling, he fell in love with Eastern and Middle-Eastern flavours… When he took us out to a restaurant, it was always to try some exotic cuisine.”

When his dad finally settled for good in Brittany, the Le Pluart family got started in oyster culture. This experience engrained in the future chef a lasting appreciation for the products and local sourcing. “I’d rather serve oysters raw to celebrate their freshness. With a little bit of soy and lime, it’s a true delight!”

Jacques-le-Pluart_ChefIn his capacity of supplier for several restaurants, Jacques Le Pluart’s dad arranged for his son to intern in a kitchen. The experience was so conclusive for the young man that it led him to complete formal training and work in the industry in France, then in Quebec.

Executive Chef in Montreal and Quebec, at Le Marie Clarisse, Jacques Le Pluart then opened La Closerie, an establishment that ranked among the best in the Old City. Now heading up the kitchen at La Crémaillère, Chef J. Le Pluart continues to delight his guests with an elegant market fresh cuisine. “I am not an architect”, jokes the Chef. “The things that truly matter to me are the flavours on the plate and the quality of the ingredients used to achieve them. The appearance is merely accompanying the taste experience.”

Chef J. Le Pluart’s cooking is also deeply influenced by his passion for wine. “Someone once said in vito veritas, and I must concur. In a culinary perspective, it’s even truer. Wine reveals flavours by magnifying the full potential of the food.”

On the top of sound skills, products of the highest quality and a sensible pairing of foods and wines, Chef J. Le Pluart adds yet another element to the complex equation that produces memorable cuisine: the team. “A Chef isn’t a lone wolf. Everything in the kitchen must happen in osmosis with the team. Before creating a beautiful dish, a chef must create a feeling of joy around him.”

Known for his mastery of the great French classics, Chef Le Pluart likes to stay on the top of culinary trends and innovations by reading specialized magazines, sampling new products presented by his suppliers and by travelling. “There is really no need to reinvent the wheel. Some recipes have proven their value again and again, but I still like to add an element of surprise or discovery!”

Restaurant La Crémaillère
73, rue Ste-Anne
Québec (Québec)  G1R 3X4

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