Mega Bloks Miniland Lands in Québec City

Mega Bloks Miniland Lands in Québec City

Chateau_Frontenac_LegoStory and photos by Job Patstone

For those who are fascinated by Lego blocks and what you can build with them, there is an exhibition coming to Galeries Charlesbourg which is dubbed as the most spectacular Miniland in Canada.

From December 1 until January 6 the most impressive models, all made from Lego blocks, will be on display at the shopping centre for a minimal fee of $5. (Kids under 4, free).

There are buildings like the Chrysler Building, The World Trade Center (as it was), the Eiffel Tower, the Taj-Mahal, even the statue of Liberty all constructed of Lego blocks.

In all, the whole display uses over 3 million blocks and is highlighted by special lighting and landscaping which makes for a spectacular showing of many of the worlds prominent landmarks.

These photos are just a sample of what will be included in the final layout, and although they are local buildings, it’s easy to see what one can expect when visiting the finished exhibit; the Chateau Frontenac itself contains 7,200 blocks alone.

The whole show travels the country, and this year it’s spending Christmas right here in Charlesbourg.

So mark your calendars to reserve a day in December to show your kids the opportunities obtainable with that little box of used Lego blocks you have stashed away in your basement, although you may have to buy a few extra.

Ludovica constructed the display to promote the Mega Blok Company (which is based in Montreal) and to promote the use and possibilities open to fans of miniature construction.

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