Memorial Cup seduction team pulls out all the stops

Memorial Cup seduction team pulls out all the stops

It may not be the Stanley Cup, but it’s the next closest thing and that’s why Quebec City wants the Memorial Cup game in their town in 2015, and want it bad. To attract the attention of the cup’s selection committee, who were in town this week to see what the city has to offer, Les Remparts and their organization, treated the visitors to special lunches at the Chateau Frontenac, a tour of the Citadel, and a presentation at the old Colissée showing just how great a Memorial Cup Game in the old arena could be.

The game and its festivities would become a weeklong event and would include ceremonies for the old Remparts teams of years gone by, a special tribute to Canada’s Military presence in the area, and several banner raisings for Patrick Roy, who will be present, and other historic players that have emerged from the Colisée’s ancient surroundings.

It might just also be the last hockey game to be played in the arena as the new Amphitheatre will probably open soon after, which could add to the emotion.

The whole show would go down on the week of May 21st and would include, besides the game itself, an Oldtimer’s game with previous players comprising past Memorial Cup winners, and some special awards being given out at the old Imperial Theatre in Downtown Quebec.

Mayor Labeaume was part of the seduction team and usually pulls off his charms in these type of events and what’s really important for him, is to not lose the event to Saguenay (Chicoutimi), who are also in the running to host the event. The Mayor is ready to contribute financially and underlined a specific fact about the Colisée, stating that the rink is a standard size as compared to the rink in Saguenay which is of Olympic dimensions, not forgetting to mention that there is a significant population difference between the two cities.

Good luck to Quebec City.
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