Mercy killing or attempted murder?

Mercy killing or attempted murder?

Lévis (Quebec) 27 April 2015 – A 51 year old man by the name of Ghislain Abel was arrested last Friday for apparently trying to suffocate his 88 year old father who is in palliative care at the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis Hospital. M. Abel was caught trying to end his father’s life by holding a blanket over his father’s mouth until he could no longer breathe.

The story seems a bit strange since, according to hospital officials M. Abel’s father had only a few days left to live, so why would his son want to attempt to kill him. Adding to the mystery, M. Abel’s mother had just passed away the week before and her funeral was to take place this past weekend.

Police released the accused for the weekend on a $5,000.00 bail to attend his mother’s funeral but have denied him the right to visit his father in the hospital. He is not considered a danger for the public.

Charges have been laid against M. Abel for attempted murder but his lawyer is asking for a psychiatric evaluation of his client and an investigation as to whether or not he only wanted to end his father’s suffering. It is a rare case, and the defense claims there is no real proof that his client was trying to kill his father. There were however several witnesses who caught M. Abel in the act, some of whom are hospital personnel and will most likely be called upon to testify in court.

The case will go to court on June 18 and will be the first time that M. Abel has had anything to do with breaking any laws since he has no previous record.

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