Minister Sam Hamad wants ex-pats to come home

Minister Sam Hamad wants ex-pats to come home

Main pic: Quebec Liberal politician Sam Hamad. Photo credit: Université INRS

Quebec City (Quebec) 4 February 2015 – In the past 20 years a lot of Quebec’s most talented and inspiring young people have left the area to work in Toronto, Silicon valley, New York, or even further afield – taking with them some of the region’s greatest talent in technology and innovation.

In a recent interview with the Soleil newspaper, Minister Hamad, who is responsible for the wellbeing and economic development for the Capitale-Nationale region, wants to reach out to these ex-pats and convince them to return to their roots to share their know-how and hopefully contribute to the region’s economy.

In his interview, M. Hamad says these young brilliant minds are bilingual, aggressive, and have the ambition associated with large companies which could only benefit the economy in Quebec City and the province as a whole. He is convinced that they would be more comfortable and under less stress if they were working in Quebec.

Some have already come back claiming their life in Los Angeles was stressful and time consuming, leaving little time for family and recreation.

At the same time the Minister reiterated that the economy in general, in the city, is as strong as ever contradicting the recent statements by the Parti Québécois’ Agnès Maltais, who claims the economic progress in the city has come to a standstill.

Whether or not Quebec can convince those with the wonder lust to return to their home and native land remains to be seen.

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