Minor Surpluses for Expo Québec

Minor Surpluses for Expo Québec

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 August 2015 – Only one presentation of Expo Québec has been profitable from 2010 to 2014. The others have all reported deficits. The most important, recorded in 2013 and 2014, amounted to $ 1.74 million and $ 1.31 million.

The data on expenditure and revenue generated by the event between 2010 and 2014 obtained by the Access to Information Act show that Expo Québec saw its income decline gradually. Spending remained fairly stable.

Only the year 2012 was profitable, with a slim operating profit of nearly $ 270,000. The previous two presentations had ended in the red.

The difference is striking, however, in 2013, when the organization began the extreme thrills-oriented bent designed to appeal to young people. The deficit then peaked with $ 1.74 million. Things hardly improved the following year, with a loss of $ 1.31 million.

City revealed this week that the 2015 edition had resulted in a surplus of $ 160,000.

On Friday, the opposition at City Hall has raised questions about the contradictory ridership figures made public by the City of Quebec.

Thursday, the City published the attendance data of the 2015, welcoming the increase in traffic, which grew from 171,000 visitors 2014 to 187 000 in 2015.

Now, Yvon Bussières, that last year’s data provided by the municipality after a request for access to information the opposition reported a traffic of 227,703 visitors.

If these numbers are good, “is not a success this year, it is still a loss of growth. Give us the real figures.” The councillor deplores the lack of transparency of the administration ExpoCité on file.

The spokesman of the City David O’Brien said in the afternoon that the figures released Thursday by the city are good. “Why is there a disparity with those provided last year by ExpoCité? I have no explanation.”

In response to the words of Mayor Régis Labeaume, who said yesterday that the future remains uncertain Expo Québec, the opposition replies that the city must keep the current formula, but especially consider reducing exposure to agricultural lands.

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