Miss Doolittle – helping animals return to the wild in Quebec

Miss Doolittle – helping animals return to the wild in Quebec

Saint-Henri-de-Lévis (Quebec) 25 mars 2015 – Her real name is Jennifer Tremblay, and she has undertaken to help and save as many injured or wounded wild animals as possible on a strictly volunteer basis. Jennifer used to work as a career councillor but abandoned her job to concentrate on her first love – animals. Wild or domestic.

Miss Dolittle, as she calls herself and her website, (www.missdolittle.com) bought an old house and uses it for a refuge for wild animals as well as some domestic pets for re-adoption. With the help of some 30 volunteers she looks after any wild animals that may need some re-adaptation, either from injuries or illness, and then returns them to the wild when they seem well enough to return to their natural habitat. She also offers an adoption centre for stray cats and dogs.

Ms. Tremblay had always dreamed of caring for animals and after her husband agreed to her plan she opened her centre in Saint-Henri-de Lévis, just south of Quebec City. Her operation survives with donations and dedicated volunteers. Before releasing the animals, mostly squirrels, groundhogs and birds, she gives them names based on the person who first found the distressed animal, like Bruce the squirrel, who was found by a tourist from the Concorde Hotel.

She doesn’t spoil the animals but merely feeds them and helps them recover until they can be released. She tags some of them to try and trace their whereabouts once they’re running loose and so far has had no recalls, meaning they have probably readapted to their normal lifestyle. She purposely does not heat the house so the animals will not get used to an environment which is unnatural in the wild. In the last year, since the centre opened, she and her team have helped 130 different lost, injured or starving animals get their feet back on the ground.

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