Missing couple from Beauce found dead in Maine

Missing couple from Beauce found dead in Maine

Main pic: Flag map of Maine, USA. Photo credit: Darwinek.

Saint-Georges de Beauce (Quebec) 6 August 2015 – A couple, who had just met a month before, were reported missing for more than 48 hrs after they had left for a short two day romantic vacation in New Hampshire, USA.

The two individuals, Martin Poulin 58 and Francine Dumas 57 crossed the border into the US at 10:38 AM on July 28.

After two days of having no news Mme. Dumas’ son Renald Lacasse reported the couple missing to authorities in Quebec who immediately contacted border patrol and the State of Maine police department. Mme Dumas and her son were always in contact on a daily basis.

Not having any concrete news from authorities in Canada or the US, Renald Lacasse decided to take a day off and go searching for his mother. Together with M. Poulin’s two children they soon found skid marks and some broken branches along route 201 at about 57 km from the border.

Upon investigating the possibility that the car had swerved off the road, they found the bodies of their respective parents still in the car upside down in a small ravine. Both individuals were deceased, meaning they had never reached their destination in New Hampshire.

Maine authorities believe the couple may have tried to avoid hitting a moose or deer of which there are many in the area at this time of year. The section of road where the car was found is straight and in good condition.

Authorities on both sides of the border are investigating the circumstances.

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