Missing truck found after seven years underwater

Missing truck found after seven years underwater

Gaspé (Quebec) 31 July 2015 – This is a story which we felt was worth telling. A shrimp fisherman up on the Gaspé coast had his net line snagged this past week on something heavy and somewhat cumbersome of which he had no idea what it could be.

The fisherman, Yan Bourdages didn’t want to lose his line or the net and was curious enough to want to know what he had grabbed onto, so he pulled his “catch” 100km down river to Rivière-au Renard, (Fox River) on the north shore of the Gaspé Peninsula, east of Rimouski. Once he was tied up and secure he latched onto the unknown sea creature with the boat’s crane and lifted up a truck which had been reported missing 7 years before. With the crane, he lowered the vehicle onto terra firma and then took some pictures.

The owner of the truck was soon located through Facebook, using the pictures with identifiable numbers on the truck’s fenders. The owner, Patrice Bilodeau who runs a communications cable company for the region, immediately called Yan Bourdages to explain the circumstances of what he had dragged out of the water.

Several years before, seven to be exact, the truck had detached itself from the Nordik Express, a cargo ship that serves the Upper North shore, during a storm on a trip back from Blanc Sablon. Blanc Sablon is a small community attainable only by boat or plane.

The truck had fallen into the Gulf of St. Lawrence around Île d’Anticosti (Anticosti Island) and had floated or rolled along the sea-floor up to Mont Louis, a distance of about 150km.

In relation to the search for the missing Flight MH370 It would appear that there is still hope that perhaps it could still be found even if it takes a fisherman and seven years.

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