Mixed Messages from Government on Uber and UberX, Taxis

Mixed Messages from Government on Uber and UberX, Taxis

Quebec City (Quebec) 17 August 2015 – The big debate for taxis these days is whether or not the UberX service should or should not be allowed in the city, or the province for that matter. The minister of Transport M. Poëti seems to think that Uber is illegal and only promotes cheating and misuse of taxi services. The Regroupement des propriétaires de taxi de la Capitale (RPTC) is mostly against the use of Uber to call a taxi because it is not necessarily a real cab that will show up to take you where you want to go. Either there needs to be some restrictions or the service needs to be disallowed according to the president of RPTC, Hamid Nadji.

The premier of the province tends to be in favour of Uber as long as there are certain rules put in place. There have been several arrests of drivers being called to pick up passengers through the Uber app who are not members of the RPTC consequently taking away revenue from its members. The situation is a delicate one and Uber, an American company, is pressuring the city to legalise their service.

On another front, the RPTC would like to start charging an extra fee for their drivers who work at night. A tariff of $1.95/km instead of $1.75/km has been suggested or an increase of the base (embarking) fee of $3.45 to $4.45. The argument for an increase is simple, according to M. Nadji. There is more risk, less work, and night shifts are usually paid more in any job. The extra night fees are popular in places like Europe.

These subjects and others have been presented to the minister of Transport by the Taxi associations of the province and decisions will be made within the coming year. In the meantime, the Uber app. is still available but is causing turmoil amongst drivers in the taxi industry in Quebec.

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