Moisson Quebec wants pre ‘best before’ meat

Moisson Quebec wants pre ‘best before’ meat

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 April 2015 – Moisson Québec, Quebec’s second largest food bank organisation outside of Montreal, wants to recuperate the meat that is close to its ‘best before” date from as many grocery stores as it can.

Moisson Québec receives all sorts of different types of food from the generous donations the population contributes but, meat is always the one item that is never donated because of its vulnerability to decaying or spoiling. Grocery stores throw most of this meat away because there is no established process in place to send it to a food bank.

The big problem of course is that the meat has to be frozen, something that Moisson Quebec is not equipped to do at the present time. A pilot project was started in Montreal recently and appears to be a success. Moisson will look after picking up and storing the meat in freezers once they reach an agreement with the local grocery chains. Only 4% of meat products are presently recuperated by Moisson and the Quebec City director, Elaine Coté, says we can do a lot better once we get equipped with refrigerated trucks and freezer facilities. Mme Coté at the same time, would also like to inform the population that no donation to Moisson is too small, citing the example that $15 can feed a family of four, for a week.

Moisson Québec supplies food to around 34,350 people in need in and around the city and the number is growing every year. By being able to supply meat the quality of their donations will become much more interesting from a nutritive standpoint.

Dry and canned goods are the backbone of the organization and Moisson Québec cannot thank the population enough for its generosity and appreciates the time their volunteers dedicate to the cause. If meat can be added to the menu it would be the icing on the cake for the recipients who are in dire need of good food.

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