Montmorency Falls to get tunnel and zip line

Montmorency Falls to get tunnel and zip line

Main pic: Montmorency Falls, bridge, Quebec City. Photo credit: Stacy

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 August 2015 – One of Quebec City’s more popular tourist attractions is about to get even more attractive. Starting in the summer of 2018 there will be a tunnel behind the falls that will allow one to experience the falls from really close, like in “get wet close”. The tunnel, inspired by the same feature at Niagara Falls, will be accessible for a fee of $10, by an elevator taken from the summit of the falls.

The province is investing $8 million in the project to build the tunnel and the elevator and work should start during the summer of 2016. A study, to meet environmental standards and structural needs, is underway and has to be completed before the dig commences. Right now you can walk over the falls on a suspension bridge or approach them fairly close at the bottom where you may also get wet.

A new double seat “zip line” will also be up and running this September and one can already reserve a turn online through the park’s website.

The government feels the investment is worth it, as on an average, the park attracts about 630,000 visitors a year and is the second most visited tourist attraction, after the Old City (Vieux-Québec), in the area. They calculate that with the new installations, the number could increase by 100,000.

So get your ponchos and cameras ready, for a behind the scenes (falls) experience that could be an exciting feature you won’t want to miss.

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