Montreal Asian mafia working out of Quebec City

Montreal Asian mafia working out of Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 June 2015 – The Quebec Provincial Police (Sûreté du Québec) succeeded this past weekend in arresting 7 individuals who were producing and trafficking illegal drugs either in Montreal or Quebec City.

The ring-leader for the Quebec City distribution network Michaël Lachance 26 was arrested in the region together with Duc Hien Do 59, Mo Tran 21, and Quang Tran 50. The other 3 arrests were in Montreal. All four local men appeared in Quebec City’s court house on Monday of this week.

Police also managed to seize 75 kg of cannabis, 7 kg of hashish and a hundred or so methamphetamine pills, better known as meth, during the raid.

An amount of approximately $20,000 in cash was also recuperated from the arrested individual’s residences which are in and around the eastern sectors of Montreal and St. Hubert.

One of the subjects arrested had already spent 4 years behind bars for drug production. Judge Sarah-Julie Chicoine suggested the four individuals be refused bail as there was a chance they would attempt to flee the country before a trial could begin. She will try and impose a minimum sentence of 18 months in prison for all four traffickers.

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