Montréal-Québec Swim for Charity

Montréal-Québec Swim for Charity

Most people who travel between Montréal and Québec do so either by train, plane, car or bus, and you could even do it by boat, but Heidi Levasseur is doing it her own special way by swimming the 250km distance all by herself. She already did it once in 2010 but had to stop for several days because of sickness. She wants to do it again, this time without having to take time off.

On July 6th she will leave from the Longueuil marina and hopefully arrive in l’Anse-Tibbits in Lévis eight days later. She expects to cover about 40km a day swimming for approximately eight hours during daylight hours. Everything has been calculated according to her need for rest and food. She will swim using the breast stroke and estimates she will do 800 to 1000 strokes every kilometre for a total of approximately 225,000 swings of her arms during the entire adventure.

Heidi will be accompanied by a kayak and a 21 foot cruiser who will feed her and take care of any problems that may occur along the way. Since she will be swimming in the same channel as the cargo ships, the team will be notified well in advance of any vessels that could hamper her path, although according to Heidi, the major problem along the way is the wind and the pollution of certain shallower waters.

Heidi is 34 years old and has accomplished several major “swims” so far in her career. She swam Lac St. Jean when she was 16, Matane-Québec in 2011 and Ottawa-Montreal in 2012 as well as some other events throughout the province. She hopes to collect a good sum of money for the various food banks in Québec which are in desperate need of funds in order to keep functioning. She will be stopping over to sleep in Lavaltrie, Louiseville, Trois Rivieres (her hometown), Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade, Portneuf, and Saint-Nicolas arriving on the 13th in Lévis.

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