Montreal Water Unsafe for Drinking

Montreal Water Unsafe for Drinking

This is a heads up to all of those readers in Montreal or anyone travelling to the Island over the week – Water in Montreal is currently unsafe for consumption and the city has issued a boil water advisory.

Water is Montreal, south of Highway 40, from LaSalle to Pointe aux Trembles is unsafe for consumption.

Water throughout the boroughs of Anjou, Villeray and St. Leonard, while north of the Metropolitan, is also unsafe.

This also applies to water in the towns of Mount Royal, Hampstead, Westmount, Cote Saint Luc, Montreal East, and the off-island town of Charlemagne.

Montreal West is not specifically mentioned, but it does fall in the geographic area affected.

The city is advising everyone affected to boil their water for 60 seconds before consuming, using it for brushing teeth, or for cooking or washing food.

Officials say any water that has been stored since last night, either in pitchers, used in ice cubes, or something similar should be thrown out.

Non-boiled water can be safely used for washing clothes or for bathing.

The city is downplaying the danger of the water, saying it’s does not believe that anyone will fall ill. Anyone who believes they have health symptoms they believe are related to drinking untreated water should contact Info-Santé by calling 8-1-1.

The city says the boil water advisory will last until at least midday Thursday.
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