More Beer on the Menu for Le Festibière Organizers

More Beer on the Menu for Le Festibière Organizers

Quebec City (Quebec) 18 August 2015 – For the last 5 years there has been a beer festival held on the shores of the old port, and this year’s version wrapped up this weekend and was a huge success. The festival has been so successful that the organizers are branching out and presenting other similar events throughout the year. They are already involved with the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in March and have installed a full time beer tent at the old port for the summer but now they want to organize a real Munich style Oktoberfest for the month of October.

The German tent that was included in the past two Festibières of 2013 and 2014 was not there this year, which was disappointing for the organizers as they wanted to arrange the Oktoberfest with the German community of the city. Since Germany was out, the beer lovers decided to approach Belgium to help with the event. Alexandre Caron and Sébastien Huot, the Festibière organizers took off to Belgium with some examples of Quebec beer and the idea of launching a beer festival “ā la Belgique” style.

Whether or not they have co-operation from Germany and or Belgium, they are going ahead with a second beer festival in October, which will hopefully be similar to the original, at least for the décor, and that so far has no name. The OktoberFestibière, call it what you will, will take place indoors at the Pavillon de Commerce on the Expo-Cité grounds from October 9 to 11.

Apparently, selling and drinking beer is a profitable business. Beware however, of the ever existing problem of drinking and driving. The two don’t mix well.

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