More garbage problems for Mayor Régis Labeaume

More garbage problems for Mayor Régis Labeaume

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 April 2015 – As if the problems of choosing between bags or bins in downtown Quebec City as a choice for getting rid of your garbage wasn’t enough, there now appears to be another issue which the mayor and his team have to deal with concerning rubbish.

A year ago, the city set out some new garbage receptacles along St. Joseph Boulevard to be used by passers-by as a test to see if the containers were adequate. As it turns out they don’t appear to be meeting the requirements of the local population. The businesses and residents alike are complaining that the new containers are too small, aren’t emptied often enough and quite often don’t have bags in them to accept the garbage. The aluminium pedestal boxes have also been “decorated” with all sorts of graffiti making them a real eyesore for the tourists and population in general.

The trial of the new trash baskets was supposed to last only a year, but it has now been two years since they were installed and so far the reaction hasn’t been too positive.

The decision to keep the boxes or to choose another style still has to be made and the same applies for the decision about using bags or bins for the residential pick-ups. For now anyway, the collect and the disposal of garbage in Downtown Quebec City is becoming more and more of an embarrassment for the mayor and his council than anything else.

The mayor even mentioned at one point, “maybe we should ask the citizens themselves to design us a trash bin that would satisfy everyone.”

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