More power for Quebec municipalities

More power for Quebec municipalities

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 September 2015 – The mayors of Quebec City and Montreal have been meeting with the province’s municipal affairs minister recently to discuss giving more powers to the cities. The municipalities in the province want more freedom as to decisions made concerning their territory and how it is managed.

The Quebec Minister for Municipal Affairs, Pierre Moreau is ready to table a bill which will do just that, early in the new year. Both Mayor Labeaume of Quebec City and Mayor Coderre in Montreal are encouraged by the news that the province could relinquish certain powers over city planning, and internal administration giving the cities more leeway as to how their cities will evolve.

The provincial government on the other hand has reduced the spending for the cities by $300 million for 2015 which the two mayors agreed upon. The transfer payments made by the province, to all of its municipalities, amounts to about $3 billion a year.

With the new powers granted to the cities a new budget clause will take effect in 2016 which would force the municipalities of the province to tighten their financial belts and try to work more efficiently with a smaller amount of money coming from the province.

Everyone, both provincial and municipal appear to be on board with the new agreement.

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