More road construction for Quebec next year

More road construction for Quebec next year

Quebec City (Quebec) 22 September 2015 – Just when you thought you had had enough of all the road construction going on, it appears there will be more next year. Right now, both main arteries surrounding the city, Henri IV (route 73) and Boul. de la Capitale (route 40) are both involved in some serious roadwork as each one has an overpass which is being rebuilt from scratch causing delays in both directions.

Starting probably next year, there is going to be more construction on the only main artery that so far has avoided any heavy roadwork. The MTQ (Ministère des Transport du Quebec) is discussing the installation of some more of those reserved bus lane routes on the Laurentian Autoroute (Autoroute Laurentien 73 north) stretching from the Georges-Muir ramp to the Louis XIV exit.

It has been discovered by the Soleil newspaper that in fact there are more buses that travel on this route than on Robert Bourrassa where reserved bus lines have been in service for the last two years.

The Laurentian Autoroute supports about 500 buses daily on return runs meaning a total of about 1,000 buses circulate on a regular basis.

Important to point out that only half actually carry passengers, the other half are simply en-route for other destinations.

Whatever the outcome, we can expect more construction and traffic slow-downs in the coming months.

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