More Wind Power in Gaspé Region?

More Wind Power in Gaspé Region?

Carleton (Quebec) 22 June 2015 – The municipalities of Gaspé and Matane want more wind-power created electricity for their respective regions and are trying to convince the government and Hydro-Québec to install more of those giant windmills to supply them with cheaper and greener energy.

The problem seems to be with the instability of the wind produced power; no wind means no power, lots of wind means lots of power. The present production of wind-power is calculated at about 35% per installation but during the winter months, because there is more wind, this can increase up to 45%. The advantage is that there is more power during the winter months when the demand is higher. Under present conditions the area is forced to import electricity three or four months a year when the demand is at its peak.

Two promoters of turbine energy, Frédéric Coté (Techno-centre éolienne du Québec) and Jean-Frédéric Legendre (Canadian Wind Energy Association) want to promote the use of wind turbines up in the Gaspé peninsula because it is relatively inexpensive (6.3 cents per KWh) and a clean source of power which could help the manufacturing companies in the area be more competitive. Wind-power energy is the fastest growing sector in electricity production around the world and accounts for 19% of all the energy produced. In Québec the prediction is to have 10% of all energy produced by wind power by 2017.

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