Moscow seeking out 93 year old Nazi in Quebec

Moscow seeking out 93 year old Nazi in Quebec

Ormstown (Quebec) 12 May 2015 – In a rare move, Russia has asked Canada to extradite a Nazi war criminal who has been living in Ormstown, south of Montreal, since the early ‘50’s. Vladimir Katriuk, 93 moved to Canada after the Second World War and possess a Canadian passport.

Mr Katriuk is on the ten most wanted list of the International Organisation for the defence of Jewish rights, and is apparently responsible for the death of 149 civilians in Belarus who were locked inside a barn which was later purposely set on fire killing all who were inside.

When Mr. Katriuk applied for Canadian citizenship after leaving Ukraine he lied to authorities to obtain his passport. In 1999 Canada tried to revoke his citizenship papers but didn’t have enough proof to carry through with the removal of his passport. Since then Mr. Katriuk has become the fourth most wanted Nazi criminal by the Simon-Wiesenthal Center.

Vladimir Putin is finally asking to have Mr. Katriuk returned to Russia to be tried as a war criminal but, there are questions as to why Russia waited until now to ask for his extradition. Is it simply a political move to make Canada look bad for hiding a criminal for so long, or is it because of the 70 year celebrations marking the end of WWII?

The director of the Montreal Holocaust remembrance Center, Alice Hersovitch says there is enough proof that Mr. Katriuk participated in the barn burning that he should be tried and sentenced like any other war criminal, despite his age.

The Harper government may try to stretch-out the negotiations with Russia until after the fall elections. Nor does the present government want to necessarily react positively to the demands of Vladimir Putin, as Canada has openly condemned the participation of Russia in the Ukrainian dispute which is on-going.

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