Mosque massacre survivor condition improving

Mosque massacre survivor condition improving

The taxi driver seriously injured during the shooting at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec is slowly recovering from his gunshot wounds and is expected to leave the hospital in a little over a week, according to his wife.

Khadija Dardari, the wife of Said El-Amari, was smiling despite recent events. “They might extubate him today,” she says confidently.

Ms. Dardari’s husband is most severely injured survivor, according to the family. Mr. El-Amari still cannot speak, but his life no longer hangs in the balance.

“Everything is fine, my husband is too,” Ms. Dardari continued. We cannot ask for more from the doctors, they are at his bedside every day. ”

Almost two weeks after the events, El-Amari’s family bravely recovered from the attack, which left six victims and several wounded. Nevertheless, the mother of the family cannot help but rethink the tragic evening.

“My children used to go there [to the mosque] with their father. That night they were not there. It was luck, “she says. She still remembers the call, when she learned that her husband had been wounded during the shooting. “It’s incredible, unimaginable! When I found out that my husband had left in an ambulance, I did not believe it, I was shocked, “she says.

Speeches denounced

She does not fear Quebec since the events. However, she believes that some speeches have contributed to creating a gap between the Muslim community and Quebeckers. She targets Algerian author Djemila Benhabib and the former MP Fatima Houda-Pepin. “Since they have entered history and claim to represent Muslim women, they produce more hate than good,” says Dardari.

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