Mosque vandalized in St-Sauveur neighbourhood

Mosque vandalized in St-Sauveur neighbourhood

A mosque in the Quebec region received a visit from the Quebec police this Wednesday evening to denounce acts of vandalism perpetrated on their place of worship. Even to the point where one “begins to worry.”

On the phone, a volunteer confirms that the windows of the basement of the mosque on Marie de l’incarnation were broken, as confirmed by police. “They broke the windows from the outside, but there was no intrusion, it was just to do damage,” assumed the volunteer on the phone. The man who preferred not to be named, emphasizes that a statement from the Association Mosque in the capital will be released soon to take stock.

Our contact states that at the mosque, “one begins to worry [because] it’s not the first time” that incidents have occurred.

People have poured glue or other liquids through the basement window. Surely the “kids wanted to imitate the act of those in Saguenay”, where pig’s blood was smeared walls of a mosque there in early September 2013, during the time that the debate on the Charter of secularism was making headlines.

“We also had hate stickers a few months ago,” he says.

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