Most prostitutes would rather do something else

Most prostitutes would rather do something else

Main pic: Prostitute waiting for customers. Photo credit: Tomas Castelazo

Quebec City (Quebec) 15 January 2015 – In a report brought out by a group who call themselves L.U.N.E. (Libres,Unies,Nuancées et Ensemble) it would appear that most girls (about 2/3) who work in the sex trade would prefer to do something else if the opportunity was presented to them.

A lot of the girls aged 30 to 39 (34%) who took part in the survey said they would like to have psychological help to reorient themselves into a career that would lead them to a more normal lifestyle.

The problem is, that prostitution can often be more lucrative than working eight hours a day at a minimum wage job. Most of these girls (85%) have at least a high school education but come from abusive families, broken homes or abusive relationships and use alcohol and drugs on a regular basis.

Some interesting statistics that were published in Le Soleil newspaper recently are somewhat alarming and are based on respondents who are aged from 15 years old on up. It is not certain if all the participants were working in the trade or were about to enter the world of prostitution in the near future.

70% were single
62% have at least 1 child but, only 13% had custody.
19% have no fixed address.
85% have a High School education.

Sometimes it doesn’t seems as if some of these girls have a choice.

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