Motorcycle death with police vehicle – somebody’s not telling the truth

Motorcycle death with police vehicle – somebody’s not telling the truth

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 September 2015 – Back on September 10, a motorcyclist collided with a city police car on route 73 resulting in the death of Jessy Drolet from Ste-Brigitte-des-Saults, a small town close to Drummondville.

The accident happened in a construction zone where there was two restricted lanes forcing traffic to be restrained to one side of the highway in an on-coming two-lane fashion.

M. Drolet was heading south when he was suddenly confronted with a police vehicle which appeared to be making a u-turn in the middle of the road. Despite his severe braking he was unable to avoid hitting the side of the police car, which was significantly damaged on its right side.

When police arrived on the scene, which is a provincial jurisdiction, it was suggested the motorcycle had hit the car from the rear, which obviously wasn’t the case from the visible damage to the vehicle. As the inquiry progressed the driver of the police car involved said she was answering an emergency call and had to make a u-turn in order to respond. Police have a right to make such manoeuvres if need be, as long as the emergency lights of the vehicle are flashing.

It has been discovered by the provincial police inquiry that the police-officer was not responding to a call, and there is a question of whether or not the emergency lights were turned on. In any case, someone is not telling the truth.

The two police officers who were in the police cruiser both have about ten years experience on the force.

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