Motorised Wheelchairs to be Subject to Traffic Rules

Motorised Wheelchairs to be Subject to Traffic Rules

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 May 2015 – The users of motorised wheelchairs will soon be regarded as road users. They will have to submit to new rules, including not having a cell phone in hand and not to drive under the influence of alcohol.

The new measures, which come into force on 1 June as part of a pilot project aimed at regulating traffic scooter, do not please all key stakeholders.

Linda Gauthier, Chair of the Coalition for the inclusion in Quebec, particularly deplores that requires the installation of an orange pennant.

“Accepting a disability, it’s already something. We add a big flag? Come and prove to me that it is not discriminatory,” she argued.

The lady of 57 years of is afflicted by MS and moves in a motorised wheelchair since 2001. “For the pennant, we will file a complaint of discrimination based on disability to prevent the regulation to come into force,” she promises.

The Department of Transportation estimates that 20,000 people in Québec are currently using motorised mobility aids, also called AMM. That number is expected to increase with the aging of the population.

So far the framework for these users was nonexistent, says Sarah Bensadoun, spokesman of the ministry.

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