Move to Quebec if you want a job

Move to Quebec if you want a job

70,000 jobs available to fill within 3 years in Quebec.

There will be 70,000 jobs to fill within three years in the Quebec region and they’re counting on a new promotional campaign to attract workers and outside contractors.

“We have 70,000 job openings in the next three years and there are already 1,000 jobs currently listed at Emploi-Québec. We need more workers. So we must act quickly. In addition, we have a demographic challenge and immigration is not enough.”

Sam Hamad, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity and responsible for the Capitale-Nationale, made this observation Friday. Puzzled by the question for some months now, he has implemented a campaign project that has just been launched.

Under the name “1000”, the campaign aims to attract Francophone workers living outside the province or country, arguing the benefits of living and working in Quebec: a low unemployment rate, the presence of some 200 subsidiaries of foreign companies in the region, an average time of 20 minutes to get to work and affordable properties, so says Québec International, the organization currently in charge of the campaign.

Infrastructure such as the amphitheatre and the future ice skating oval are also among the advantages of Quebec City in the opinion of mayor Régis Labeaume.

Seven ambassadors
“We need to make noise and promote our attractions, it shows our joy for living in Quebec,” says Mr. Labeaume. The campaign is also showcasing the careers of seven ambassadors who live in Québec and lead successful careers as an example.

They are Stéphane Jean of Jobillico, Frédéric Pelletier of KinetX, Barbara Simard of BluPanda, Jean-François Lalonde, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Laval University, Nathalie Girard, Volta, Pierre Paquet, of Icentia, and Nancy Florence Savard of Productions 10th Ave.

Missions outside Quebec
We also aim to go get workers from where they are currently located. Ambassadors, the Mayor and representatives of Québec International will participate in missions outside of the province to recruit new talent or get back the brains that have left the area. The missions take place in Toronto, Calgary, Boston and Los Angeles. Mr. Labeaume will participate in some of them, because “politics open doors,” says the mayor.

These efforts are welcomed and greatly celebrated by technology companies such as EXFO, which have glaring needs for manpower, offered company Vice President Pierre Plamondon. “If we had been able, when EXFO first started, to rely on the expert knowledge of companies from abroad in order to accelerate our growth, there are certainly a number of mistakes that would not have been made and we definitely would have made faster progress.”

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