Mulcair Campaign Stop in Québec City

Mulcair Campaign Stop in Québec City

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 September 2015 – The leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Thomas Muclair, stands behind the big, expensive projects he has in mind that seem too much in the eyes of the mayor of Quebec.

He met Régis Labeaume Friday afternoon after Gilles Duceppe had done the same in the morning. The NDP leader, however, was miserly comments after his meeting with the mayor.

“We reviewed a number of important issues,” said Thomas Mulcair in the afternoon, while passing through the CBC broadcast studios this afternoon on Radio-Canada ICI.

The NDP leader said the two men discussed several issues, including the development of a pre-clearance center at the Quebec City airport.

“The Conservative party has been in power for 10 years and they have never done anything about it. We promise to do something and this is an absolute guarantee of a future NDP government, “said Thomas Mulcair.

Regarding the issue of the expansion of the Port of Quebec, the NDP leader said that a NDP government would work closely with the Quebec government

“We will work together. The ports are federal, […] I want assume my responsibilities and jurisdictions skills […], but I will do this by working with the Quebec government and Quebec City. ”

In the evening, Thomas Mulcair went to greet his supporters, still in the Quebec capital. Before a highly energetic crowd, the NDP leader was not too shy to attack the outgoing Minister Steven Blaney and conservative party. He also took a few shots at Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Earlier that day, Thomas Mulcair has promised to invest, if elected prime minister, $ 105 million over three years to support Canada’s forest industry.

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