Municipal Councillor Sylvain Légaré Quits Équipe Labeaume

Municipal Councillor Sylvain Légaré Quits Équipe Labeaume

Quebec City (Quebec) December 21, 2014 – Citing “strictly personal reasons”, Sylvain Légaré handed in his resignation as a member of Équipe Labeaume, the mayor’s party Friday, and announced that he would henceforth be sitting as an independent on the city’s municipal council.  Mr. Légaré is Municipal Councillor for Val-Bélair and was charged with matters relating to sports in the city, and had previously been elected to the National Assembly for the ADQ before making the jump to municipal politics.

Mr. Légaré repeatedly emphasised that his reasons were of a private nature and asked that the mayor and the public respect his right to privacy.  Mr. Légaré and Mayor Régis Labeaume had a private discussion in which Mr. Légaré explained his reasons and submitted his resignation to the mayor following the special City Council meeting to adopt the 2015 budget.  The mayor accepted his resignation and, in a radio interview with FM93, said he understood Mr. Légaré’s reasons and that Mr. Légaré remained high in the Mayor’s esteem.

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