Municipal taxes hiked AGAIN

Municipal taxes hiked AGAIN

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 December 2014 – The city of Quebec presented its annual budget on Monday of this week and looks as if once again the residents of the agglomeration are going to be paying higher municipal taxes.

The mayor claims that the city still has a deficit of $1.37 billion it needs to erase and the tax increase should do the trick.

He also claimed that this would be the last year that taxes would be augmented for awhile.

Part of the city’s deficit is due to the different collective agreements of its different employees the city has had to rectify in the last year.

The tax increases are from 0.7% up to 4.7% and are distributed as follows.

Beauport 3.1%
Cap-Rouge 2.5%
Charlesbourg 3.2%
Lac-St.-Charles 3.2%
Loretteville 0.7%
Quebec 2.2%
Saint-Emile 2.0%
Sainte-Foy 2.0%
Sillery 3.0%
Val-belair 1.7%
Vanier 4.7%

For the last three years the construction of the new hockey arena has been in the liabilities column on the city’s budget but, this year it is now on the assets side for $1.3 million, because of the assurance that the Remparts will be playing there starting in September making it already a revenue producing structure for 2015.

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