Musée de la Civilisation Undergoes Major Repairs

Musée de la Civilisation Undergoes Major Repairs

Quebec) The Musée de la Civilization in Quebec, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2013, has undertaken major repairs whose bill is estimated at $ 19.2 million. The humidity generated by the river and the wind damaged building facades known for its architectural qualities.

The building is relatively young to undergo such work – but it is necessary, according to Communications Director, Geneviève De Blois.

The mortar around the stones on the exterior walls must be redone. This will help the stones gain stability.

Other deficiencies must be corrected such as the windows to prevent water infiltration. The museum also takes the opportunity to make the building comply with the new seismic standards in the Building Code.

Opened in October 1988, the museum was designed by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie, famous for having signed the Habitat 67 plans in Montreal.

At the time, the building had cost $40 million, which represents about 68 million in today’s dollars.

Safdie won the Excellence Award from the Quebec Order of Architects for the design of the museum located on Dalhousie Street in the Old Port of Quebec.

The architect had at the time wanted to reproduce the harmony of Quebec villages, incorporating a glass tower that looks like a church tower.

The tower will be undergoing work during the window change. The roof will also be refreshed with the replacement of the waterproof membrane.

According to the museum’s director of communications, work funded through the Quebec Infrastructure Plan of the Ministry of Culture and touching the exterior walls of the building should be completed in spring 2013.

Those related to the tower and the roof will be initiated in spring 2014 after a year used to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the museum.

Everything should be completed in 2016.
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