Mushrooms growing in Quebec apartment of no concern to owner

Mushrooms growing in Quebec apartment of no concern to owner

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 May 2015 – A couple living on the ground floor of an apartment on 5e rue in Limoilou woke up late one night to discover they had mushrooms growing in their laundry room. The mushrooms which were about 6 inches in height just grew up during the night and the tenants find the situation very upsetting, so much so, they claim the apartment is unfit for habitation. They also lifted up one of the tiles where the mushrooms were growing and discovered hundreds of little insects scurrying about to avoid the light.

The couple wants to break their lease on the apartment which they have been living in for about a year but the owner of the building refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem, consequently denying the couple’s right to get out of their contract.

The owner saw the mushrooms and claimed that it’s not causing a health problem and that the apartment is perfectly livable. He inspected the basement and could find no humidity problems or leakage from pipes which could cause the dampness.

The owner, who has been running apartment blocks for thirty years in the area, was shocked to think that one of his tenants would complain about the condition of one of his accommodations. The city has also sent in some inspectors and their report will be available very soon. In the meantime the couple, who have a young son, is refusing to live in the building worried that their health will suffer.

The same apartment has huge stains around the bathtub, is missing screens on the windows and suffers from a lack of insulation together with windows that don’t close properly.

Watch this space for further developments.

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