Music Review: 1985 by Martin Levac

Music Review: 1985 by Martin Levac

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Title: 1985
Artist: Martin Levac
Price: $20.00
Label: Independent

Review by Aurélie Tassoni

There are many for whom the 1980s never ended. Martin Levac is clearly one of these people.

The singer has built a following for his impersonations of Phil Collins and covers of classic Genesis songs, but his latest self-released album, 1985, is a broader love letter to the decade of big hair and MTV.

From the first notes, the album delivers a series of pop tunes and power ballads that wouldn’t be out of place on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

The standout piece of the album is the first song, “1985,” a carefree pop song reminiscent of Mark Ronson.  The album rolls into a section of power ballads, lovingly crafted in the style of ‘80s singer-songwriters.

Levac still impersonates Phil Collins today and that is clear as the great Brit’s influence is especially prominent in the slower airs that round out the end of “1985.”

The album’s modest budget would be a weakness in any other genre, but in the ‘80s style of heavy synths and minimal acoustics it works almost perfectly.

However, many songs feel more like stream-of-consciousness pieces than structured ballads – although this was also a staple of the style the album emulates.

Sometimes an homage to the decade has to include its imperfections.



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