Music Review: Le sens du vent by Raton Lover

Music Review: Le sens du vent by Raton Lover

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Title: Le sens du vent
Artist: Raton Lover
Price: $14.99
Label: Productions Bonne Maison

Review by Nathalie Peron

Québec City band Raton Lover launched their second album, Le sens du vent, in February. The band describes its music as ’60s- and ’70s-inspired rock, imbued with profound lyrics in the mould of legendary Québec artists such as Les Colocs and Harmonium. This description is not off the mark, but could use some fleshing out. Allow me.

The album as a whole flows, and the listener gets carried along by the message: life is full of ups and downs, but there is always a friendly hand ready to take yours, to “withstand the potholes on life’s road.” Mostly mellow pop-rock tunes, the melodies are poetic, as are the lyrics, composed from a rich yet accessible vocabulary. There are no easy rhymes or simple emotions on this album, just beautiful and captivating poetry.

An underlying melancholy is present throughout, yet subdued and subtle, tainted with silver-lined hope: “You can change your sails, but not the direction the wind will blow.”

There are some things you can’t do anything about, but there will always be room for you on a friend’s couch. For the rest, well, listen to the album; its words might be a welcome distraction during tough times.

My favourite is “Mister Wright” – a classic rock ’n’ roll tune with fuzzed guitar and piano (you can almost see Jerry Lee Lewis!), where a spiteful, rock-hating neighbour is told off with class.



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