Music Review: Troisième Acte by Sally Folk

Music Review: Troisième Acte by Sally Folk

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Title: Troisième Acte
Artist: Sally Folk
Price: $16.99 (CD) $11.99 (iTunes)
Label: Musicor

Review by Ruby Pratka

In the criticism business, “interesting” is often a euphemism for “strange,” but Sally Folk’s fourth album, Troisième Acte, really is interesting.

If it were a colour, it would be the hottest hot pink nail polish you wore as a teenager.

If it were a meal, it would be a flashy wedding banquet, with light intermezzos added in at just the right moments.

The Montréal-based singer-songwriter, who prefers to keep her offstage name secret, has produced a girl-power masterpiece that incorporates shades of Blondie, Marie-Mai for grown-ups, Ariane Moffatt and Édith Piaf, with a definite feminist twist. Folk is a two-time ADISQ award nominee for best pop album, and Troisième Acte may be her third time lucky.

Folk blends a few hard-edged tunes about sex and relationships (the punkish, heavily electric “J’aurai ton enfant quand-même,” for example) with songs about everyday frustrations (the earwormish “9 à 5”) and ends on a high note with the swingy, Zaz-esque “Kamasutra.

Her genre-bending results in some jewels, like the waltz-rant “Les Putains du Carrefour.”

If you’re a woman grappling with relationships, self-assertion, métro-boulot-dodo and the sometimes contradictory expectations placed on 21st-century women, you may find that this unique album puts your frustrations to music.

Yes, despite the name, it really is her fourth album.



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Ruby Pratka grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, studied in Ottawa and took the roundabout way to Quebec City via Russia, Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Belgium and East Africa. In addition to writing for and Life in Québec Magazine, she also contributes to other media outlets in English and French. She enjoys keeping a close eye on international affairs, listening to good music and singing in large groups.

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