My House, My Country

My House, My Country

There is a man in Ste. Foy, M. Painchaud, (an engineer) who is a member of a group called “Freemen-on-the-Land”, with a Canadian branch calling itself in English, Government of the Sovereign Republic, or in French “République Souveraine.ORG” an internet page proclaiming that it is allowed to distribute citizenship papers and allows its members to refrain from paying any taxes, or obeying any Federal or Provincial laws claiming that their land and house can be considered a sovereign country.

M. Painchaud appeared in court at the beginning of April on charges of illegal drug imports, owning several stun guns, and having in his possession several other illegal weapons. The accused has denied all accusations stating that he is not obliged to follow any existing laws since his land is a separate state.

M. Painchaud’s case is not unique; the movement has approximately 30,000 members in Canada with the largest number living in British Columbia. In United States the FBI considers the members to be a terrorist group stating that quite often such social structures resort to violence when confronted. There are members all around the world.

The web page outlines quite clearly the stipulations regarding what they call the Tribunal.

1. Confirms independance and legitimacy of the Republic
2. Rejects public debt
3. Rejects the actual financial system
4. Gives back all the lands to persons
5. Orders citizens of the Republic to stop paying taxes or income taxes
6. Guarantees Freedoms and Liberty to all its citizens
7. Questions the actual borders
8. Suggests that everybody is a citizen of the planet earth (not needing a passport to travel).

M. Painchaud was released on bail of $100,000 but, will be back in court to face his sentences or fines on April 28, 2014. In the meantime he is trying to recruit new members through his web page.
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