Mylène Paquette Completes Solo Atlantic Ocean Row

Mylène Paquette Completes Solo Atlantic Ocean Row

She successfully rowed her boat all alone across the Atlantic.

Mylène Paquette has succeeded in rowing alone across the Atlantic Ocean.

On her website, the Québécoise announced Tuesday Nov. 12, 2013 she had crossed, the line of Ouessant Island, located about sixty nautical miles from the port of Lorient, France at 11:09 local time in France.

TheraVie_web_adShe thus became the first North American woman to accomplish the feat of crossing the North Atlantic, some 2,700 nautical miles, rowing a boat all by herself.

She was greeted by friends, supporters and family at the port of Lorient in France later the same day. Ms. Paquette left Halifax July 6, in an elaborate inflatable rowboat fully equipped for the trip. It took her 129 days to accomplish the feat.

A highlight of the voyage was on Sept. 25 when she was caught in a storm, exasperated and distressed and becoming a bit disoriented, she was suddenly confronted by the Queen Mary II out in the middle of the ocean. The ship’s captain heard of her plight and redirected the QM II close to her comparably tiny vessel and sent her flowers, pastries and a good meal to encourage her to continue and to give a boost to her morale. The Queen Mary II was on her way to Quebec City at the time.

Mylène who is in her mid-thirties, had already had some long distance rowing experience in 2010 when she rowed with a six man crew from Morrocco to the Bahamas.

Her team was partly sponsored by the David Suzuki Foundation and other environmental associations.
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