National Assembly Crucifix Debate Reopened

National Assembly Crucifix Debate Reopened

PQ candidate Djemila Benhabib reopened the controversial debate about the crucifix in the National Assembly by delivering an advocacy for its removal, but the PQ refuses to do so.

The Three-Rivers candidate and author of the novel Ma vie á contre-Coran reacted to the announcement of the creation of a secularism chart by the PQ.

The National Assembly must reflect the will of the people and they do not have to be a member of any religion. Mrs. Benhabib, however, indicated that she submits to the PQ’s position which is in favour of keeping the crucifix for historical and patrimonial reasons.

She also mentioned that the PQ must adopt a secularism chart to prepare Québec against other recessive religions. The chart will convey two principles: the state’s neutrality and sexual equality.

Pauline Marois said that the chart will state that representatives will not be allowed to wear any religious symbols such as a cross or a veil.

This will be a guide to help make deccisions, and tribunals will have to take that into account when it comes to reasonable accommodation.

Quebecers from all origins are fed up of this impression they have about compromising their values and beliefs. The PQ leader thinks that it is now time to let ourselves be guided by sexual equality rather than religion. She states that she is not turning her back on religion in Quebec and says it holds a huge chunk of Quebec history, but fundamentally, it is not what drives people anymore.

The PQ wishes to rapidly elaborate on this chart which will display clear instructions/rules that apply to every Quebec institution.
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