National freestyle-skiing team’s training facilities being updated

National freestyle-skiing team’s training facilities being updated

Main pic: March 5, 2009 – Freestyle Skiing : Xavier Bertoni of France in action during the Half-pipe in the 2009 FIS Freestyle World Championship Inawashiro on March 5, 2009 in Fukushima, Japan. Photo credit: Tsutomu Takasu.

Lac Beauport (Quebec) 17 April 2015 – The site where Canada’s national freestyle-aerial-ski team trains and practices is getting some well deserved renovations. The training centre, which was built back in 2005, was built mostly of wood and unfortunately wood has a tendency to rot which is clearly the case for the existing structure.

The operator of the centre, Nicolas Fontaine is happy to have finally been able to find enough money from different sources to start rebuilding the ski jumps which are in need of repair. Most of the rotten wood will be replaced by aluminium making the structure more solid and resistant to future corrosion. There will also be the possibility to adjust the jumps when need be, as requirements change.

The provincial government put up $170,000 and an equivalent was found elsewhere making a total of $340,000 to repair the jumps, and the pool in which the skiers fall into after practicing their spectacular twirls and spins that we see during the Olympic and world competitions.

The centre, known as the AcrobatX Yves Laroche, is one of the few places where a freestyle-aerial-ski team can practice during summer months. Located next to the Centre de Ski Le Relais, the centre consists of two ski jumps simulating the same terrain as we see on TV, only the skiers end up falling into a pool of water to prevent injuries.

The whole concept was invented by Yves Laroche when acrobatic skiing was a new discipline for the Olympics. Yves Laroche, from Lac Beauport, was the first skier to ever win a gold medal for freestyle ski jumping back in 1982 & 83. In some would argue the fact he practically invented the sport.

During the reconstruction, the Canadian Olympic ski team may have to practice their sport in Lake Placid, where a similar facility exists.

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