Nearly a Dozen Road Accidents Reported Saturday Morning

Nearly a Dozen Road Accidents Reported Saturday Morning

Quebec City (Quebec) 4 March 2015 – Nearly a dozen road accidents were reported Saturday morning because of difficult road conditions, due to this significant snowfall received by the Quebec City this late in the season.

At least three road accidents occurred on Highway 20 and the Laurentienne highway exit Saturday morning. Fortunately, there was only material damages.

Visibility was reduced notably on Highway 20 east of St-Michel de Bellechasse in Montmagny. The conditions were as difficult on Highway 73 from Charny in Ste-Marie de Beauce.

Environment Canada forecast 15cm of snow yesterday, but the final amount appears to have decreased.  Snow was expected until Sunday morning, but a sudden break in the weather allowed the warm sunlight to come in and cut the bleak weather short.

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