Neufchâtel High School Participating in Lévis Marathon

Neufchâtel High School Participating in Lévis Marathon

Neufchâtel High School will be well represented next Sunday for Levis’ first semi-international marathon. Amongst the 3500 participants, 80 runners, 65 from secondary 1 to 5, are from Neufchâtel. This is an initiative from the assistant director, Annie Lachance, the Neufchâtel reps will participate to the 10 or 21 kilometre runs.

This is a project they set in January. Since that month, the teens had a crossfit course, received advice from nutritionists, physiotherapists, and a conference from Pierre Lavoie. O this note, for the semi-marathon, the 30 best students will be chosen to participate in the Grand Défi.

A few weeks ago, Pierre Lavoie gave a conference to the 1400 students from Neufchâtel. His conference was transferred to interactive boards and when the bell rang, none of the students got up and even secondary 4 students joined to thank him for the speech.

For Annie Lachance, former Physical Education teacher, physical activity is very important.

In addition to the 65 students participating, a dozen staff members joined. For many weeks, teachers, voluntarily help train the students twice a week. Afew other school are participating such as Jean-De-Brébeuf, Joseph-François-Perrault, and Cardinal-Roy.

Annie Lachance is proud of the participation rate which more than doubled in her institution. Last year, about 20 students had accepted.

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