New and not so new – English books in Quebec City

New and not so new – English books in Quebec City

All change at the Quebec City English bookstore at Place Naviles. For those who truly enjoy reading a real, paper book, this is the place for you.  Conveniently located at Place Naviles in the Ste-Foy area of Quebec City, you’ll find Livres Trois Canons nestled snugly in the basement and once inside you’ll be surrounded by English books. Thousands of them.

Livres Trois Canons is owned and managed by a team of loyal, dedicated, passionate book-lovers.  Says company president Andrew Greeenfield We make it a rule that anyone who wants to work with us must also love books.

The store boasts the largest selection of new and used English books available in the region.  Besides selling popular English literature, this Quebec City English bookstore also stocks a large range of English grammar books for those wishing to improve their grammar skills.  The English bookstore has been in operation since February 2010, originally starting life as AngloStore, offering an online purchase and delivery service of new books from the basement of Greenfield’s home.  As the client base grew, and the speed with which it it grew, it became apparent that a storefront was needed. AngloStore moved into the Place Naviles location in Feburary 2011, and from that point on the team never looked back.

Greenfield continues, “Initially only new English books were offered, but one thing we have always done is listen to our customers. Many of our regulars kept asking when (not if) we were going to start stocking used English books, so we thought about it, and then thought about it some more.”

In January 2013 the owners set up a used English book service under the name of La Bouquinerie Anglaise – operating from the same location and offering used titles. This service flourished.  Today, Livres Trois Canons orders new books for clients from their large network of suppliers across the globe, and is also a regular drop-off point for people in the region who want to let some of their used books go.  In July 2014 the team consolidated the new and used books offered and changed the name to Livres Trois Canons.

So in one guise or another they’ve been around a while, it’s just the name that has changed. You’ll still (as always) get the same great service from the same passionate book-lovers. The Livres Trois Canons team can’t wait to welcome you in the store.  They invite you to come and have a browse of the many thousands of new and used English books in stock.

One point the Livres Trois Canons team was keen to stress was that in addition to offering a top quality service to the residents of and visitors to the region, for some time now they have supplied certain educational establishments and corporate clients.  Greenfield adds, “We enjoy great relationships with our educational clients and corporate clients. We regularly place bulk orders for them. To see if we are in a position to fulfill your order, please contact us and we’ll see if we can do so.”

How to find the Quebec City English bookstore Livres Trois Canons:

When you get to the car park at Place Naviles you will see a Second Cup, SAQ, and a TD Bank.  The store is in the basement and the entry doors are between the bank and the coffee shop.

Bookstore address:

Tel: (418) 204-4325
info @ livrestroiscanons .com 


Head office mailing address:


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