New at the Plains of Abraham Museum: Order and Law and Identities

New at the Plains of Abraham Museum: Order and Law and Identities

April 4, 2017 – Québec – The National Battlefields Commission

This morning, André L. Potvin, member of the Board of Directors, and Michèle Gagné, Secretary and Director General of the National Battlefields Commission inaugurated the new section of the Battles | 1759-1760 exhibition, Order and Law, and the new artefacts exhibition, Identities.

Through several interactive discovery stations, Order and Law presents the many overlooked impacts of conflict during the era of the famous battles. The Identities exhibition allows visitors to learn about the history of those who occupied the Battlefields Park from the 17th to the 20th century, through a collection of artefacts drawn from the Park’s archeological collection. The population is invited to visit these new exhibitions now open at the Plains of Abraham Museum.

Quick Facts
The new Order and Law section is an integral part of the Battles | 1759-1760 exhibition. Learn about the importance of law and order during the period of famous battles through this temporary, related exhibition located on the 3rd floor. In 1759 and 1760, with the help of the population of Canada and First Nations allies, the French army attempted to protect the city of Québec from British invaders. To succeed in their military campaigns, both camps had to manage their resources, oversee rationing and direct their soldiers and militia under harsh conditions. Several forms of punishment were used to prevent wrongdoing. Learn about Order and Law through original, interactive discovery stations. Find out about the special role played by alcohol in the relations between the armies, the role played by women, and the very arduous living conditions and terms of engagement during the era.

The Battlefields Park is home to a mosaic of archeological sites of which four are more prominent: Des Braves Park, the advanced blockhouse of the temporary citadel, Martello 2 Tower and Cove Fields. These sites were occupied during various periods of time by people from many different backgrounds: men, women and children; Catholics and Protestants; colonials and city dwellers; civilians and military personnel. In addition to the physical traces left behind by these people, discover their history and identity through the new, permanent Identities exhibition. View numerous theme artefacts from the Park’s archeological collection: housing, layout, work, food, communication, entertainment, clothing and appearance.

Battles | 1759-1760 is a unique, epic journey where visitors relive the battles of the Plains of Abraham and Sainte-Foy through poignant accounts (immersive projection), interactive games (stations), period reproductions, and a collection of costumes and uniforms from the era.

Schedule and admission fees: daily from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Plains of Abraham Museum.

Up to June 30 and from September 5, 2017:
Ages 5 to12 / $4.50;
Ages 13 to 17 and ages 65 and older / $11.25;
Ages 18-64 / $13.50;
Families / $33.75;
Free for children 4 and under.

Free admission on July 1 (Canada Day).

From July 2 to September 4, 2017*:
Ages 5 to 12 / $5.50;
Ages 13 to 17 and ages 65 and older / $12.50;
Ages 18-64 / $17.00;
Families / $41.75;
Free for children 4 and under.

*During the summer season, admission fees also include free access to the Martello 1 Tower exhibition and a guided tour on Abraham’s bus.


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