New buses and routes being introduced by the RTC

New buses and routes being introduced by the RTC

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 September 2014 – The RTC (Quebec City’s public transport system) will be making some major changes to its services starting in 2016.

With some new money and new ideas to help the environment the RTC is going to drastically change the route 7 line from Ste Foy to Old Quebec by adding the articulated buses which are used on the 800 lines.

There will be fewer buses (24 instead of 33) because of the increased seating capacity but, fewer vehicles obviously means less fuel usage and the new buses will also be hybrids, which means the fuel costs will diminish substantially.

A problem for the RTC however is the rerouting that the new vehicles will require as they cannot navigate on the current route in the old city.

There will also be a new 804 line which will serve the northwest section of the city, which so far has no express lines like the 800 and 801. There will be 15 hybrid buses for the new line that will run from the northwest to Ste-Foy.

The little electric buses that are being used in the old city are also going to be replaced by a small hybrid bus that will seat more people but should be more reliable, as the electric buses had a lot of mechanical problems. The new hybrid buses on all the circuits will also be equipped with a thermo-pump system that should also help keep a fresher air circulating in the vehicles. This should make it more pleasant in the winter months for passengers and drivers alike.

The whole revamping is going to cost around $47 million, including a subsidy for the hybrid vehicles, which is reasonable over a three year period according to the RTC.

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